Registering an Agency with the Judiciary

How does an Agency Become Registered for Purposes of Delivering On-site Interpreting Services?

Agencies may be included in the Registry of Interpreting Resources in order to provide contract-interpreting services to the Judiciary. The Judiciary's policy is that interpreting services may be obtained from registered agencies only when the needed services are not available from staff court interpreters or contract interpreters included in the Registry of Interpreting Resources. For an agency to become registered, it must complete the following steps:

  1. Attend the Orientation Seminar. At least one official representative who is the highest-level employee must complete this seminar. That representative is ordinarily one of the following: the owner, chief executive officer, or a high-level manager. See the Overview for the Orientation Seminar for dates.
    NOTE: If you think you may be eligible to waive the seminar, please read and follow the important information below:
    1. Send a request to the Language Services Section, including proofs of having completed whatever training you believe may be equivalent to the seminar.
    2. Review by the Language Services Section (LSS). The LSS will carefully review the request and notify the interpreter of its conclusions. If the request is denied, the interpreter will have to complete the Orientation Seminar in New Jersey.
    3. Completing waiver requirements. The LSS will notify the interpreter that the request for a waiver has been approved and send the interpreter the following documents:
      • New Jersey's Code of Professional Conduct for Interpreters, Transliterators, and Translators;
      • Selected materials distributed at the seminar; and
      • A blank affidavit.
    4. Once the interpreter has thoroughly read the pertinent documents, the affidavit must be signed, dated, and mailed to the LSS.
  2. Register as a business with the Division of Revenue and NJSTART. Note: If the owner of the agency is, or hopes to become, a registered interpreter him/herself; the tax identification number must be different than the ID number used to register him/herself (TIN/EIN).
  3. Register with the Judiciary. An official representative of the agency must study carefully the Terms and Conditions for Agencies Providing Services to the Judiciary and agree in writing to abide by them by filing an affidavit. In addition, that official representative must complete the following and mail to the Language Services Section (LSS):
    1. Fill out the Agency Registration form.
    2. Submit six language options under which the agency will be listed in the Registry, using the nomenclature found in the Language Identification Guide. The number of languages under which any agency is listed is limited to six language options. Agencies that provide interpreters in more than six languages may choose “Any Language” as one of their six language options. Agencies that select this option are listed at the back of the Registry as well as being listed under the other five chosen language options.