Complex Business Litigation Program

The New Jersey Supreme Court established the Complex Business Litigation Program (CBLP) on Jan. 1, 2015. The program is designed to serve better the litigation needs of New Jersey businesses by resolving complex business, commercial and construction cases in an expedited manner.

The CBLP includes cases arising from business or commercial transactions or construction projects that have complex factual or legal issues; a large number of parties; substantial discovery issues; multiple experts; are expected to have implications for business beyond the decision in the particular case; and are likely to result in a significant interpretation of a business or commercial statute. As part of the program, at least one judge in each vicinage has been designated as the CBLP judge to handle all of the complex commercial and complex construction cases filed in that vicinage. Each case within the program is individually managed by the designated judge. The program's requirement that the designated judges author two written opinions annually is designed to develop a body of case law. Those opinions are available for review on the Judiciary's Business Opinions webpage.

Cases are eligible for the program only if the amount in controversy is at least $200,000 and involve complex commercial or construction disputes. Litigants self-designate the case as part of the CBLP by selecting complex commercial (case type 508) or complex construction (case type 513) on the Civil Case Information Statement, or file a motion with the designated CBLP judge for inclusion in the program. If after review, it is determined that the complex nature of the action or the threshold damages claim amount is not established, the case may be removed from the program and reassigned to an appropriate track.