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Municipal Court

Appeal Procedures
Disposition of Municipal Court Matters in Superior Court
Notification of Dismissal of Appeals
Assignment of Counsel
Violations Bureau Schedules
Disposition of Parking Summonses Issued to Persons on Official Business
(Superseded in Part by Directive#02-08)
(Superseded by 07-11)
Reporting Requirements C Involvement in Litigation
Action on Cases Involving Possible Indictable Offenses
Directive on Statewide DWI Backlog Reduction
Monthly Statistical Report Filing Procedure - Rule 1:32-1(b)
Accepting Checks for Bail - Non-Serious Offenses
Monthly DEDR and VCCB Report Filing Procedure
Use of Police-type Law Enforcement Badges
Additional and Temporary Municipal Court Judges
Procedures for Credit Card and Electronic Payments of Municipal Court Fees and Financial Obligations
Municipal Court Comprehensive Enforcement Program Guidelines
Amendments to the Procedures for Enforcement of Corporate Surety Bail Forfeitures, Judgments and Breaches of Recognizance (Supersedes Directive #7-00)
Requirement to Review a Defendant's "Certified Driver Abstract" Prior to Sentencing for Driving While Intoxicated and Other Motor Vehicle Offenses With Graduated Penalties
Revision to Forms and Procedures Governing Bail and Bail Forfeitures (Supersedes Directive #13-03) (See Supplement to Directive Directive #13-04 [10.9.07]) (See Supplement to Directive #13-04 [10.22.08]) (See Supplement to Directive #13-04 [11.12.08])
Revised Bail Remittitur Guidelines (Supplements Directive #13-04) (See also Supplement to Directive #13-04 [10-22-08]) (See also Supplement to Directive #13-04 [11-12-08])
"Bail -- (1) Revised Judiciary Corporate Surety Bail Forfeiture and Judgment Protocol (Superior Court); (2) Judiciary Cash Bail (Supplements Directive #13-04) (See Supplement to Directive #13-04 [10.9.07]) (See Supplement to Directive #13-04 [11.12.08])
'Bail -- Further Revised Remittitur Guidelines' (Supplement to Directive #13-04) (See Supplement to Directive #13-04 [10.9.07]) (See Supplement to Directive #13-04 [10-22-08])
Bail Schedules and Policies to Improve Bail Practices
Superseded by Directive #06-16
#09-05 Supplement
Revised Statewide Bail Schedules
(Supersedes Supplement dated May 26, 2006 and Supplement dated October 10, 2007)
Superseded by Directive #06-16)
Revised Statewide Bail Schedules
(Supersedes Previous Supplements to Directive 09-05 dated May 26, 2006, October 10, 2007 and May 12, 2009)
Superseded by Directive #06-16)
Statewide Municipal Court Security Policy
Standard Conditions of Adult Probation -- Revised Form
Protocol on Arrestee's Immigration Status Information
Procedures for the Dismissal of Municipal Court Complaints and Voiding Uniform Traffic Tickets and Special Forms of Complaint
(Supersedes Directive #21-79 in Part)
Municipal Court Employees Reporting Involvement in Municipal Court Cases and Criminal/Quasi-Criminal Matters -- Policy Statement
Municipal Court Judges Reporting Family Involvement in Municipal Court Cases -- Policy Statement
(Superseded by Directive #07-11)
Orders to Show Cause as Original Process -- Model Probate Part Order to Show Cause
(Supplements Directive #16-05)
Nicole's Law
Implementation of L. 2009, c. 317, Authorizing Municipal Courts to Provide Payment Alternatives
New Jersey Judiciary Procedures for Appealing a Denial of Public Access to a Court Record or Administrative Record - Rule 1:38 - 10(b)
Fees for Copies of Judiciary Records Provided to the Public and Waiver of Fees for Government Agencies
Procedures for the Telephonic Issuance of Orders Pursuant to the Drug Offender Restraining Act (DORA) and Nicole's Law - Pretrial
Procedures for Providing Public Access to Court Records and Administrative Records Pursuant to Rule 1:38
Disposition of Municipal Court Matters in the Superior Court and Notification to Municipal Court
Judges Reporting Personal or Family Involvement in Litigation and Resulting Changes of Venue and Transfer of Cases - Policy Statement
(Supersedes Directives #4-81, #2-84, #4-08)
Informing Municipal Court Defendants of the Immigration Consequences of Guilty Pleas
#01-13 Waiver of First Appearance For Indictable Offenses - Rule 3:4-2(e) Protocol and Form
Writs for the Production of State Adult Inmates and Juveniles
#09-14 Surety Bond Registry; Revised Bail Program Registration Form
#08-14 Promulgation of Supreme Court Guidelines on Electronic Devices in the
Courtroom- Effective February 2, 2015
Supplement to Directive #08-14 -- Supreme Court Guidelines on Electronic Devices in the Courtroom – Effective February 2, 2015 Except for the Provision Requiring Completing and Retaining the Form Agreement for the Use of Electronic Devices
Limitations on Judges Attending State of the City, County, or State Addresses - Supplement to Guideline 10 of the Guidelines for Extrajudicial Activities
#02-16 Protocol for Drug Court Expungements
#04-16 Bail Recognizances -- Preclusion from Registry for Failure to Correct Deficiencies
#06-16 Revised Statewide Bail Schedules/Permissible Use of Monetary Bail
(Supersedes Directive #9-05)
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